Workout for Strength – Waterpolo

by Aleksandar (Serbia) 2x100m front crawl 70-90% of max 10x25m front crawl 10x100m front crawl 5x200m butterfly 5x200m front crawl 10x100m butterfly 200m chillout

Burpees are for Swimmers too!

by Corb Amos (Houston, Texas) Burpees are legit! Legit! How to do burpees: 1. Stand up straight. 2. Bend your knees and touch the ground, back straight and feet on the ground. 3. Straighten your legs, to reach a pushup position. 4. Commence one military push up (1)....

Swimming Workouts and Nutrition Tips for Overweight People

How to Structure a Swimming Workout? Chante writes: You talk about swimming being the best exercise for overweight people, but you don’t tell us how exactly to use swimming. What should overweight people do in the pool? What’s a good workout to start with?...
Favorite Swimming Workouts

Favorite Swimming Workouts

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