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Caroline Sparks and Gaby Lixton

<i>Caroline Sparks</i> and <i>Gaby Lixton</i> founded <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Turtle Tots</a> in Bristol, United Kingdom in 2011. Before launching <i>Turtle Tots</i> as a licencing company, <i>Gaby Lixton</i> was one of the first franchisees for a well-known baby swimming company in the UK, teaching over 1000 babies a week with a team of teachers. Gaby is not only a swimming teacher, but also a qualified swim teacher tutor, and has years of experience teaching babies and toddlers. <i>Caroline Sparks</i> has a background in marketing and communications management and has been involved in the baby and toddler industry for over seven years running events and exhibitions, before joining Gaby to launch <i>Turtle Tots</i>.