Swimming Drills

Improve the Flutter Kick with Vertical Kicking

Maybe you are struggling with our freestyle stroke drills because your flutter kick isn’t propulsive enough. If this is the case, the vertical flutter kick drill can help. Here’s a video that demonstrates vertical flutter kicking: Drill Instructions Go to the deep area of the pool, get into a vertical position and start to flutter …

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Swimming Freestyle – Slide-Front-Slide Drill

This drill to learn swimming freestyle lets you practice rolling from side to side, with an intermediary prone position. You also have to pay attention to your balance and have to keep your body tall and extended in the water. Mastering this drill allows you to have a more streamlined position while swimming freestyle. Drill …

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Learn Swimming Freestyle – Advanced Slide on Your Side Drill

While swimming freestyle, a lot of swimmers lose their balance when they roll on the side to breathe. As a consequence, they create more drag and lose their forward momentum. Advanced Slide on your Side tries to prevent this by letting you practice balance in a position close to the one you are in while …

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