Swimming Technique

Swimming Butterfly – How to Breathe

Breathing In While [butterfly stroke](swimming butterfly), breathing is initiated by kicking a little bit harder during the second dolphin kick. This makes your upper body rise a little bit higher above the water surface during the body undulation. Inhaling occurs as soon as the mouth clears the water and the arms start their recovery forward. …

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Breaststroke Technique: Head and Body Positions

When swimming breaststroke, it is essential to position your head and body correctly because it allows you to swim efficiently and also protects your neck from overuse injuries. That’s what we’ll discuss in the following article. Swimming Breaststroke with the Head in a Neutral Position In the regular breaststroke style, the head is kept in …

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Swimming Breaststroke – Arm Movements and Technique

This article covers the arm stroke movements used in the breaststroke. Knowing the proper arms movements is important for an efficient swim stroke. The following video explains the technique in more detail: As you can see above, when you are swimming breaststroke your arms stay in the water all the time and execute a semicircular …

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Swimming Backstroke – Arm Technique and Movements

This article explains the different phases of the backstroke arm movements in detail. Backstroke Video At first, we will look at a video of Ryan Lochte swimming backstroke: Arm Stroke Phases The arm stroke cycle of the backstroke can be divided into the following phases: Entry and extension forward. First downsweep. Catch. First upsweep. Second …

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Swimming Backstroke – Breathing Technique and Tips

Swimming backstroke poses a few challenges for breathing. You have to keep your face above water to breathe, and splashing water can be a problem. But these difficulties can be overcome. This article explains how. Keeping Your Face Above Water To keep your face above the water surface, you need good balance. This means you …

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