Butterfly Stroke Technique

Swimming Butterfly – How to Breathe

Breathing In While [butterfly stroke](swimming butterfly), breathing is initiated by kicking a little bit harder during the second dolphin kick. This makes your upper body rise a little bit higher above the water surface during the body undulation. Inhaling occurs as soon as the mouth clears the water and the arms start their recovery forward. …

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The Dolphin Kick Technique in the Butterfly Stroke

Butterfly stroke swimmers execute a dolphin kick. Both legs do a simultaneous whipping motion with feet pointed. This technique looks a bit like the tail movements a dolphin uses to move forward, hence the name. The following video shows Michael Phelps’ dolphin kick in slow motion: Kicking Technique The movements of the legs are rather …

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Butterfly Technique – Arm Stroke Movements

This butterfly technique article explains how to execute the arm stroke movements properly. Those movements are somewhat similar to the ones used in freestyle. The most significant difference, however, is that both arms move synchronously. We can see the butterfly arm stroke movements in the following video, starring Michael Phelps. As you can see above, …

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Butterfly Swimming Technique – Body Movements

Learning proper butterfly swimming technique requires that you first master the wave-like body movements. Once this body undulation has been mastered, the dolphin kick and arm stroke often fall into place quite naturally. This article explains how to execute this body undulation properly. Body Movements To explain how to generate the wave-like body movements, we …

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