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This is a test page of the FV video player. For problems with the player, see at the bottom of the page.

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Public Vimeo Video

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Local Media Library Video: Mushroom Float

Local Media Library Video: How to Tread Water

Problems with FV Player


Sitemap is here: https://www.enjoy-swimming.com/video-sitemap.xml

  • <video:title> <video:description:title> <video:publication_date> elements:
    • Elements are filled with information coming from the post/page metadata, the information is not taken from Media Library video entries. Bad for SEO.
    • This makes me think of a potential problem for videos coming from Vimeo if similarly, sitemap entry data such as title/description/upload date/etc. is taken from the post/page metadata and not from the Vimeo video.
    • If two or several videos exist on the same page/post, the sitemap entries contain the same information for both videos. Bad for SEO.
    • The information being put in the video sitemap can’t be controlled for individual videos, neither by putting the right information in the Media Library, nor via attributes set in the shortcode.
    • One <url> element per video instead of one <url> element per post/page and then several <video> elements below the <url> element.

Schema Structured Data

  • For some reason, the metadata is not recognized in the Google Structured Data testing tool: Test FV Player markup
  • On the other hand, the metadata created by the ARVE video player generates correct meta data information, at least from Google’s perspective, which is the one that counts I’d argue: Test ARVE markup
  • <meta itemprop=”name” > schema element gets filled with title of html page, and not title of Vimeo video. Bad for SEO. What happens if several videos per page?
  • <meta itemprop=”description” > element gets filled with summary of html page, and not the description of the Vimeo video. Bad for SEO. What happens if several videos per page?
  • <meta itemprop=”uploadDate” > element contains the date the post/page was last updated and not the date/time of the video on Vimeo.com
  • <meta itemprop=”duration” > element is missing.


  • For SEO purposes, it is important that the data contained in the video sitemap / video schema elements reflects the data of the videos and not the data of the page/post the videos are embedded on.
  • It has to be taken into account that several videos per page/post can exist.

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