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Burpees are for Swimmers Too!

Burpees are legit!

How to do Burpees

1. Stand up straight.

2. Bend your knees and touch the ground, back straight, and feet on the ground.

3. Straighten your legs, to reach a pushup position.

4. Commence one military push up (1).

5. Return to the Step 2 position.

6. Commence one rocket jump (2).

7. Repeat preferably between 10 & 20 times.

(1): Military push-ups are just regular push-ups, only your arms are squarely at your side, and you bend your arms until your nose almost touches the ground.

(2): Rocket jumps are your typical jumps, straight up into the air.

A fitness class doing burpees

Why Burpees are Legit

1. Cardiovascular fluidity (3).

2. Full-body workout.

3. No weights or gym required.

4. Excellent time-waster for when you’re bored.

(3): Cardiovascular fluidity is the term used to say “Increased blood flow to all of your body.”

Why Burpees Match Swimmers

1. Push-ups increase arm strength, and therefore arm propulsion.

2. Going into and coming out of push-up position increases hamstring strength, which is essential for kicking.

3. Jumping also increases leg strength.

4. Burpees are a very switchy exercise, so it, in theory, would get novice swimmers more used to swimming in one direction and quickly switching directions as they kick off of the wall.

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