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Favorite Swimming Workouts

A swim team in the middle of a workout

Below you will find a few workouts or workout-related articles provided by our readers.

Best Swimming Workouts for Overweight People

Conceptual fat overweight obese female vs slim fit healthy body after weight loss

Best Swimming Workouts for Overweight People?: Chante writes: You talk about swimming being the best exercise for overweight people, but you don’t tell us how exactly to use swimming. What should…

Burpees are for Swimmers too!

A fitness class doing burpees

Burpees are for Swimmers too: How to do burpees, why burpees are legit, and why burpees are good for swimmers.

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Judy Flight

Saturday 15th of February 2020

Great site - so clear and motivational - thank you

Robert Matt

Friday 5th of September 2014

Nice post. I found an article that explains some benefits of swimming workouts, and how they can help us keep our body fit:

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