Swimming Resources

A picture symbolizing swimming resources on the Internet: An Internet web address in the foreground and a public swimming pool in the background.

This page gives you an overview of different swimming resources on this and other websites you might find useful.

Swimming Workouts: The favorite swimming workouts of our readers.

Swimming Tips: Swimming tips about technique for beginners but also experienced swimmers. Gives information and fixes for your strokes. Breathing, self-teaching, …

Health and Swimming Information: Swimming information about the benefits of swimming for your health, how to avoid injuries and stay clear of hazards to enjoy swimming for many years to come!

Swimming Equipment: How to choose the right swimming equipment? Find out what you really need to start swimming. Choosing a swim cap, goggles, paddles and so on…

Glossary of Swimming Terms: Need to know what a swimming term means? You will find it there.

Swimming Articles: Swimming articles about various interesting topics: why learn different swimming strokes, swimming pool etiquette, the importance of swimming, and more!

Swimming Blog: Lists the lastest articles published on this website.

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