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Swimming Resources

A picture symbolizing swimming resources on the Internet: An Internet web address in the foreground and a public swimming pool in the background.

This page gives you an overview of the various swimming resources on this website that do not fit well in one of the main categories.

Swimming Equipment

Swimming Equipment: How to choose the right swimming equipment? Find out what you really need to start swimming. Choosing a swim cap, goggles, paddles and so on…

Swimming Tips

Swimming Tips: Swimming tips about technique for beginners but also experienced swimmers. Gives information and fixes for your strokes. Breathing, self-teaching, and more.

Swimming, Health, and Safety

Swimming, Health, and Safety: Information about the benefits of swimming for your health. How to avoid swimming injuries so you can enjoy swimming for life. How to stay safe in the water.

Swimming Articles

Swimming Articles: Swimming articles about various interesting topics: why you should learn the different swimming strokes, what is swimming pool etiquette, why it is important to be able to swim, and many more!

Swimming Workouts

Swimming Workouts: The favorite swimming workouts of our readers.

Swimming Terms

Glossary of Swimming Terms: Need to know what a swimming term means? You will find it there.

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