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Lycra Swim Cap Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses

Lycra swim caps. Swim caps come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials. Lycra is one of these materials.

In this article, we will discuss the features, strengths and weaknesses of Lycra swim caps so you can decide if this is the right type of swim cap for you.

A basic Lycra swim cap
A basic Lycra swim cap


A Lycra swim cap is made of the same material as most swimsuits are made of, which is, in fact, a mix of Lycra and polyester.

Certain ones also have an additional coating on the outside for improved durability and impermeability. It has the following characteristics:

  • It is thicker than a latex swim cap but has about the same thickness as a silicone swim cap.
  • It has a soft, comfortable feel.
  • It can come in a lot of different colors, as is made possible by the lycra fabric. Most often, however, it sports a single color or at most two colors.
  • It has a neutral smell (unlike a latex swim cap for example).


A Lycra swim cap has the following strengths:

  • It is often more comfortable to wear than a latex or silicone one because it constricts the head less.
  • It is also often easier to put on and to remove and pulls less on your hair.
  • It evacuates the heat better from your head when you swim in hot water.
  • As it is made of the same material as your swimsuit it is possible to match your cap’s and your swimsuit’s color.
  • Its edges don’t stick together when dry, unlike a latex or silicone swim cap.


A Lycra swim cap has the following disadvantages:

  • The material is more permeable and protects your hair less from chlorine.
  • It doesn’t keep your head warm if you swim in cold water.
  • It takes more time to dry than a silicone or latex swim cap.
  • It is more expensive than a latex swim cap (but about the same price as a silicone cap).
  • With time the fabric becomes less elastic, and the cap tends to slip more. Whereas latex or silicone swim caps must often be replaced because they tear, Lycra caps often must be replaced because they have lost their elasticity and slip all the time.


Even though Lycra swim caps are used less often these days, they might be an option you want to consider. A Lycra swim cap is especially suitable in the following conditions:

  • You don’t swim in cold water.
  • You want to have a swim cap that is comfortable.
  • You want to have a swim cap that doesn’t pull your hair.
  • You are not worried about getting chlorine into your hair.

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Andreas Colditz

Monday 4th of March 2019

Hi Christophe,

We are looking for lycra swim caps for children, printed by sublimation printing with different designs, created by us.

We need to have at first 4 designs each 2.000 nos.

Do you know somebody who could do this for us?

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Monday 4th of March 2019

Hi Andreas,

I'm afraid I can't help you in this matter, sorry.

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