Swimming After My Juice Fast

A breaststroke swimmer breathing during the arm recovery

Hi Christophe,

I was so excited that I had to post my experience here. As I already wrote to you, I love swimming, but I have not been for a few years because of my concern about chlorine issues. I decided a few weeks ago that I had to begin again because not only do I love the sport, but it also kept me healthy, with glowing skin, and a toned body.

But first I decided to try out a fruit and vegetable juice fast to give me a kick start to a better diet and exercise lifestyle.

That went well! The only downside to doing it was that I developed a headache on the second day, which I understand is quite normal which I slept off, and also that my husband was doing some real aromatic cooking which caused me to lock myself up in my workroom until he had finished.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, before I started the fast I went to the local pool with my husband and grandsons, compliments of 3 free swim vouchers from British Gas, and had a go at seeing how many lengths of the pool I could manage. I used to swim 60 lengths during a 1-hour swim. After just 5 lengths I was totally exhausted and had to stop there.

I decided to take my next free swim just 2 days ago before the end of my juice fast, and to my amazement, I swam 30 lengths, non-stop and could have still gone on to do much more, but I decided that was unwise as my muscles would suffer later.

Where the energy came from is obvious. From giving my body the nutrition it was badly in need of. So now I have kick-started my new lifestyle change, I intend to go on swimming because it is a great way to build stamina and endurance. It keeps the cardiovascular system flowing, and you get a great figure in the bargain. I have resolved to use a good skin barrier that will keep the chlorine out, so that isn’t a deterrent anymore.

As for juicing, I recommend it to everybody. I, for my part, will continue to juice on a daily basis and plan on doing a 2 to 3 days juice and vegetable fast every month.

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1 thought on “Swimming After My Juice Fast”

  1. Christophe

    Hi Gem,

    It’s great that you have started to swim again!

    A juice fast is definitely something that I want to try out one day. I read about it with interest a while back on Steve Pavlina’s blog.

    As for your skin problems due to chlorine, you might want to search for an ozone swimming pool in your area…

    Good luck with your swimming!

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