Butterfly Swimming Drills - Easy Butterfly

Easy Butterfly is the last one in our sequence of drills to learn how to swim butterfly. The following video demonstrates this swimming drill:

As you can see above, Easy Butterfly is relatively simple: you do a few butterfly stroke cycles at the beginning of the length, then switch to another swim stroke to avoid becoming tired. This ensures that your muscles stay fresh and that you can swim butterfly with good form.

Drill Instructions

  • Push off the wall in a prone streamlined position and execute a butterfly stroke cycle.
  • Switch to a less exhausting swimming stroke, for example freestyle, to finish the length.
  • Do this for a few lengths.
  • After a few lengths add two butterfly stroke cycles at the beginning of the length before switching to another swim stroke.
  • Do this for a few lengths.
  • Add three butterfly stroke cycles and so on...

Additional Tips

  • Only add as many butterfly stroke cycles at the beginning of the length as you can do without becoming tired.
  • In the beginning, don't breathe during the butterfly stroke cycles. Subsequently, add breathing every other stroke cycle.
  • Once you have switched to another stroke during the length try to swim in a relaxed fashion to rest.

Transition To Swimming Butterfly

This was the last swimming drill to learn the butterfly stroke. What you should do next is to start to swim whole lengths of the stroke.

At first attempt to only do one length, then pause or switch to another stroke to recover. Then gradually increase the number of lengths you do at once. When you become tired during a length, simply switch to another stroke, as you did during the drill.

Butterfly Swimming Video


Congratulations! You've now mastered butterfly, the most difficult swim stroke that only few people can swim. So you can be proud of yourself and enjoy the moment!

The regular rehearsal and practice of the drills you just completed will allow you to continue improving your butterfly. And while you're at it, why not practice some more swimming drills to improve your other swimming strokes?


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